About Us

From Whites Creek to West Coast

Whites Creek Land and Development has been doing business since 1991, with offices in Reno and the San Francisco Bay Area. Its founder, Robert West has worked for over 30 years in construction management, general contracting, and land development in California and Nevada. West holds an ‘A’ license for contracting in California, a ‘B’ general contracting license in California, and served as a senior partner in an architectural firm specializing in land planning and entitlement acquisition.

Most recently, Robert West won the bid on the last sizable ranch available in Reno, NV. What clinched the deal was his willingness to split the profits with the landowner upon completion. By West’s estimates, there are approximately 1,500 buildable acres on this ranch. Density would allow approximately 4,000 residential units. Commercial and retail space will become part of the project. Recent local projects with similar densities have sold to builders for more than $350,000 per buildable acre.

Also in Reno, West developed 607 acres, all of which is in contract. This project includes a rezone master plan with 1,900 residential units, which includes 1,500 units sold to Reynen & Bardis, 188 apartment units, and 212 single-family units. This development also includes 45 acres of commercial retail and 66 acres of mixed business park.

Prior to that, West developed 200 acres, which included 548 residential lots, 88 apartment units, and a 15-acre business park where the Barnes & Noble Distribution Center is now located.

In another large-scale project, West developed 212 acres of land into 512 single-family lots and 75 units of apartments, taking on such tasks as zoning, entitlements and a traffic redesign. Whites Creek eventually sold the development to California-based Centex Homes, beginning a long-term and mutually beneficial relationship between the two firms.