A History of Building and Development

West Coast Land and Development represents a fifth-generation real estate development company with expertise in land acquisition, entitlements, and construction. The family business successfully developed properties throughout California, Arizona, and Nevada.

Spanning several decades, the company and its subsidiaries have purchased, processed, and sold five master-planned communities containing over 10,000 residential lots, 150 acres of business, over 120 acres of retail commercial property, one elderly living facility, and numerous small subdivisions.  The construction arm of the company built over 130 single-family residences and a commercial office complex.

Early History in California

John Hunt, Joseph West’s grandfather, came to San Bernardino, CA in 1851. His first land purchase consisted of almost 2,500 acres in the San Bernardino area.  By establishing the first lumber mill in the area he provided the material used to build some of the first homes there. For decades the West family purchased and developed land in California, Utah, Arizona and Nevada.

West Coast Land and Development

West Coast Land and Development is dedicated to building long-term, sustainable, livable environments. Each one is unique; no two homes are exactly alike, and no two projects are the same. Firm in the belief that every property deserves a novel approach to design, planning, and state-of-the-art construction, we are proud to highlight our accomplishments.

Respecting community stakeholders, honoring local customs, and preserving special landscapes is an integral part of our culture. The company is committed to building long-term, sustainable, livable communities. During our involvement in the development and construction of over 10,000 residential properties, each carefully planned and executed, we have continued our tradition of clean, responsible, affordable community housing.